Beautiful Transformations   

What makes a beautiful portrait? I am often faced with statements like: "I am not good enough now, maybe when I lose some weight" or "Maybe if I was younger" or "I don't like photos of myself or pictures taken of me".  The list goes on and on.  As women, we are very hard on ourselves.  A camera can be a cruel and mean tool, making us doubt ourselves and often even devalue our own beauty.  We often wonder why that beautiful person we glimpse in the mirror isn't reflected on photos and we start disliking ourselves.

I am here to tell you some good news, the truth is you are beautiful, and there is a way to capture that beauty on camera!  With the right lighting and careful posing, I am able to capture that person you see in the mirror.  No matter your size or age, everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves!  I can see your beauty and I would love to show it to you through my lens!  Why wait?  In a few years, you will look back and wonder why you didn't do it when you were younger, skinnier, healthier.  Your children and loved ones will look back and find that you are always behind the camera, but never actually existing in front of it for them to remember you by!

So I invite you to allow me to take the most beautiful portraits you have seen of yourself!  I invite you to come exist in photos for your loved ones and children.  The time is now.  Your time is now!

Why do I show people the before and afters.  Not because I think that the women I photograph needed help, but to show you that anyone can have a beautiful portrait. That the women on my website aren't models, but your everyday regular beautiful woman!  Beauty transcends weight or age.  It comes from within!  I want to capture your beautiful essence to show the world your true beauty! Come be my 'model' of the day, and get the treatment cover models get to make them look beautiful.

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