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Lights, camera, action - Posing for your session

Posing - one of the key elements for a studio photographer is posing, as it can take a good portrait to a great portrait.  A good studio photographer should understand the fundamentals of posing and how to direct their subjects to get the most flattering look.  From posing curvy to lean women properly to how to pose a newborn safely, a good pose can make all the difference in an image.  Take a look at my glamour before and after gallery, and you will see that the greatest factor affecting the image is the way that each of the women was posed.  

Some key elements of posing are:

Angle of light/lighting - where does the light fall on your subject, does it create the mood you are after and sculpt the image as you envision it?

Asymmetry & Angles - a symmetrical image isn't as flattering as one with asymmetry.  By posing the subject with this in mind you create flowing lines that draw you into the image.  Different bodies look better with different angles and it is important for a photographer to be aware of the subtle, yet key positions for every body type.

Connection & Expression - Capturing a client's connection and expression is as important as moving their bodies to flatter their body types.  This is the key to capturing their essence in an image. Often the most remarkable story is told in a subject's expression, it is also important that the expression matches the body language. 

Hands and Body Language - so much is communicated through our bodies that it is important to be aware of the unspoken message a client's body is communicating.  From where and how to place hands to the positioning of the upper body relative to the lower body and head. 

So next time you take a picture of someone, see if you can notice any of these elements at play.  And then try to manipulate them to take a better portrait of the person!

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Therena is a natural light and studio portrait photographer specializing in Newborn, Maternity, Glamour and Fine Art.  She is based out of Campbell River, BC, and serves all of Northern Vancouver Island. She loves creating art and photographing her 3 (often uncooperative) children as well as her clients.  She finds true joy in creating art and making other women feel beautiful and inspired.  She is a Dreamer a Wanderer and an Idealist, seeing beauty in everything around her.
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