Maternity & Newborn Investment Guide

When you decide to get your Maternity and Newborn images taken by me, you decide to forever capture the Beauty of the moment.  You decide to invest in the future memories for your children and to pass on the legacy of this very brief, but momentous event. 

Motherhood is a precious and beautiful thing, and when a new life enters this world, it is not only a new baby that has been born but also a Mother.  To become a mother is one of the most incredible moments in your life, it is when you discover the depth of love you never knew existed when all of a sudden you find strength where you never knew you had any. And you are suddenly captivated by the small child you hold within you and eventually in your warm embrace.

I love to capture the tiny details that embody the meaning of life. From the tiny toes to the warm embraces, smiles, and emotions often loved but forgotten.

I run a full-service studio, offering more than just the digital images; I offer quality fine art and heirloom products.  I know how important these fleeting moments are and I want to capture it so you can pass your images down from generation to generation.  Please refer to the maternity and newborn session guide for information on session fees and what to expect at your session!

Most of my clients invest around $1200 while some spend more.  I LOVE the products I offer! My favorites, which also happen to be my clients’ favorites, is my heirloom albums, wood mounted prints and folio boxes with matted images.  You’ll have portrait art that you are proud to display and show off to your loved ones!

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A. 6 High-Resolution Digital Files – 795

B. Fine Art Products - (starting at) - 395




Follow the two steps to complete your custom collection.


1. Choose A Signature Art Product.

A. Wall Art (11x14 and larger)starting at 395 (This includes products like framed portraits, matted prints, wood mounted art, and museum quality canvasses) 

B. Albums (20 or more images)starting at 995 (All of our albums are handcrafted in Italy with careful attention to the tiny details and impeccable quality)

C. Folio & Image Box Sets - starting at 1295 (A handmade folio box with all your favorite images printed and matted as a keepsake - the versatility to frame individual portraits or display on an easel.)

2. Add Digital Package.
A. All High-Resolution Files (printable to 24x36) – 795


Optional items like birth announcements, and custom, fine art painted commissions can be added on when you “Create A Collection".


Create Your Own Collection pricing offers more value than A La Carte and gives you the flexibility to customize a portrait package according to your own needs. “Create Your Own Collection” offers you all your digital images on USB and includes the choice of any of our albums or fine art prints. 


We also offer combination Maternity and Newborn packages with "Create-a-Collection" when you book both sessions together! 


Along with a USB drive of high-resolution images, we also upload your images to our print fulfillment site which links to our professional lab. They will provide you with a printed product that is on par with what we would print for you here at the studio. This printer is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color calibration information in the files and properly print the images. Their prices are competitive with other consumer labs and they ship right to your front door. Easy! But Don’t worry! We know this can be intimidating for some clients, so we will hold your hand and help you print should you need it. We are a full-service studio and if need be, we can help.

#TherenaPhotography #CampbellRiverPhotographer #VancouverIslandPhotographer #CampbellRiverMaternityPhotographer #CampbellRiverNewbornPhotographer , #CampbellRiverBabyPhotographer #ComoxValleyPhotographer #WeAreYBL #WeAreYQQ #Baby #Newborn #Motherhood #pregnancy #CampbellRiver #Therena #PortHardyPhotographer Capture these memories before they are forgotten