Contemporary Portrait Investment Guide

Come rediscover your true Beauty 

Every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of herself!Come experience the awakening of your inner beauty in one of our glamour sessions! Celebrate love and relationships with your mom, sister, daughter or best friends.

Celebrate life!

Celebrate the Beautiful person that you are today!

A contemporary portrait session is all about you.  We are here to pamper and care for you in a fun and unique experience.  I invite you to be my 'model' for a day.  Contemporary portraits are for the everyday person that wants to look and feel extraordinary and have the most beautiful picture of themselves they have ever seen. 

Some choose contemporary portrait sessions to share with a mother, a sister, a daughter, or a friend! So make it a girls day out and cherish the memories together!  Or if you prefer you can make your contemporary portrait session about you and your partner or even add on your family at the end of the session and get those coveted family images after you have enjoyed the day being pampered and looking like a queen!

We start the day with getting your hair and make-up done by one of my professional artists while enjoying light refreshments. Then we have a 2-3 hour photo shoot, with 4-5 wardrobe changes.  I will carefully guide you through poses using the most flattering positions and light to capture the best portraits possible. 

I run a full-service studio, offering more than just the digital images; I offer quality fine art and heirloom products.  I want to capture your Beauty so that you will exist in photographs for those you love. 

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 7x10 Matted Print with Digital and Gift Print - 225

Wall Art:

Choose between a Beautifully wrapped Canvas* or Wood mounted Print

12x18                            -                               295/595*

16x24                            -                               495/795*

20x30                            -                               695/995*

All Wall Art comes with the Digital copy



The Ultimate Investment and gift of Luxury and Quality

Collection pricing offers more value than A La Carte and comes with a Beautiful Handmade Folio Box.  All Collections include the digital file and a 4x6 Gift print of each purchased image:

 Collections start at 1495

Optional items like specialty luxury cards and custom fine art painted commissions are also available


I also offer combination Pricing for Mother-Daughter Sessions and collections  


Along with a USB drive of high-resolution images, we also upload your images to a private gallery on this website which links to a professional print lab. They will provide you with a printed product that is on par with what I would print for you here at the studio. This printer is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color calibration information in the files and properly print the images. Their prices are competitive with other consumer labs and they ship right to your front door. Easy! But Don’t worry! I know this can be intimidating for some clients, so I will hold your hand and help you print should you need it. I offer a full-service studio and if need be, I can help.

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