Testimonials for Therena C. Art & Photography

Here are a few examples of what clients have said after their sessions.

Adorable baby Isis

"Therena does amazing photography!​"

-Alysha, mother of two

"I am so in love with all my photos.  She did amazing pregnancy photos and amazing photos of my twin baby girls definitely worth every penny.  She is so talented ♥"

- Krystal, mother of 3

"Ladies this is an awesome way to pamper yourself and have something to give to your loved ones. Therena does Beautiful work"

- Wendy, Business Owner



"To start out, I was nervous and kind of reserved, although I didn't have my makeup and hair done. Therena welcomed me in, with tea and biscuits and instantly I felt her warmth. The transformation from simple me into what I like to call my "snow queen" pictures was exciting as all of the props, backdrops and outfits were displayed. Then came the glamour portion, WOW - all I can say. I have been in front of a camera for a few 'photo shoots' before although none quite like this. I felt stunning and totally out of my comfort zone - but seeing these pictures I am maybe realizing I was fully IN my comfort zone. Thank you Therena for the pictures you captured!" 

- Marjorie, Mother & 
Make-up Artist

"Having photos of myself, and actually, ones I am proud of and happy to look at especially after a baby is something I just never thought was possible to be quite honest. I was amazed at how Therena took very good care to pose me in such a way that I would look my best and feel my best when I received the photos. I am very happy with the experience as a whole as well, from the professional and calm environment and delightful snacks and tea, to the friendly and welcoming demeanor she presents to everyone who walks in the door of her studio. Therena is a truly inspiring artist and photographer who I can now say in my own words, nailed it! 
Thanks again girl for this experience and the beautiful photos to share for years to come!"

- Britney, Mother &
Makeup Artist

"Not only does she create magnificent art, Therena has a magic touch when it comes to making you feel confident and beautiful. She makes each session as relaxing and smooth as possible and caters to your needs. I feel so fortunate to be able to have the beautiful maternity images that she photographed. I very much recommend Therena to make you feel beautiful too."

- Leslie, mother of 2