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A Special Day to Share!

Bringing family and friends to a photo session can be both an exciting and stressful adventure!  Depending on the ages and number of people involved will change the dimensions of the entire photo shoot.   The information in this section is meant to help ease the many stresses and objections that may arise.  From what to wear to make your images look cohesive to when family should join you on a photoshoot.  Mother-daughter, Sisters and best friends (2-4 women) have their own section as it can be a very different experience from a family or partner photo session.  Each category will contain a few images as inspiration and examples as well as detail what to bring and what to expect.  

In the case where more than one person will be getting professional hair and makeup added please let me know at the consultation as there is an additional $100-150 service fee per person to cover the makeup artists.  I will also need to know in advance whether to hire more than one artist if there are two or more people! 

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