Welcome to my interactive client page, where you will find everything you need to prepare for a most incredible experience, celebrating you and your dreams!  This page includes everything from my styling guide, to how to prepare for your photo session, what to bring and wear,  links to my products and pricing pages and much more.  My job is to make this as stress-free of an experience as possible so that you can enjoy falling in love with yourself.  The information and suggestions in these pages are there to help you in preparing for your photo session, they are by no means hard rules to follow and adhere by.  Please feel free to refer back to this page at any time.  The page links contained here are not directly available to the public and can only be accessed through this home screen.  So keep the link in a place where you will find it easily.  And as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  



Everything you need to know in preparation for your photo session. From styling & wardrobe to what you should do the days leading up to your photo session.  Here you will also find some behind the scenes videos to get you excited about your special day!

You have decided to share this experience with someone you love! Whether you are bringing your partner, mother, family, children, sister or a best friend, go here for ideas on how to style your outfits together. From what to bring for kids and partners to what to expect at the photo session, visit this link to find out how you can help make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.  You will also find some inspirational galleries of past sessions featuring groups.

A Fine Art Fantasy

You're going all out, your dream photoshoot is an elaborate expression of your vision and dreams!  But with this grand vision often comes more elaborate preparations, from vision boards to props.  This is your go-to guide for a fantasy session.  It goes into more detail of the difference between hiring and renting props to having things custom made.  And what about Digital art and story composites?  You will find everything you need to know in here!  [PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

While you won't know how much you will love your images until you see them, it is always a good idea to know what I offer and how you want to display your art after the photo reveal.  Take a walk around your home, look at some possible places you may want to see your images on display.  Knowing what I offer will help you set a reasonable budget so that there are no surprises when you come to see your photos for the first time.  I stand 100% behind my art, while there is no minimum purchase, it is my job to create art that you will fall in love with and I offer quality products that will stand the test of time!