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Cover Art Commissions and Licensing

Book Mockup Vol 2 1.png
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Whether you are an author looking for cover art for your new book, a band needing album art for that new release, or a publisher looking for the next cover artist, you have come to the right place.

From elaborate digital art to clean modern photography, I offer both ready to license artwork as well as custom commissions to create something truly unique for your needs.  Both exclusive and open licenses are available.

Existing works on this page may be licensed for book covers, album art, and more. Licensing fees begin at $600 CAD for non-exclusive contracts.  Custom commissions start at $5000 CAD.  For more details, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and describe your project in as much detail as possible.


Book Mockup Vol 2 4.png
Book Mockup Vol 2 4.png
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Book Mockup Vol 2 4 2.png

Let's talk! Complete the form below to connect with me and see how we can make your Artistic vision come to life.

Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

Reach out to me to see what options are available for each image. Both exclusive and open licenses available. 


I also do custom commissions. Do you have a specific project or cover in mind?  Does my art fit in your overall vision? I would love to create something unique for you!

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