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Client Preparation Guide

Styling & wardrobe

Choosing the clothes you will wear for your portrait session is extremely important because it defines the color scheme of the image.  I offer a small selection of maternity, postpartum and small girl dresses in the studio for you to use as well as an assortment of baby boy outfits! I don’t carry all kids sizes; however, so you should bring your own outfits as well.


Neutral tones tend to work best because they allow your skin tone and facial expressions to be the focus of the image. Neutral schemes don’t distract from your faces and are a timeless way to commemorate this moment. Remember that your clothing should be you and yet simple:


• Strapless or ‘open shoulder’ is the most flattering on Mom - it gives the closest feel to skin to skin contact in an image.  Often mom will be wrapped in neutral fabrics or wear one of our maternity dresses available at the studio as I know that nothing wants to fit those first couple weeks after having a baby. (Newborn sessions)

• Skin-to-skin is both beautiful and natural, and I encourage parents to consider this as an option during their session. (Maternity & Newborn sessions)

• A plain white, grey, neutral coloured or form-fitting lace tank top for mom

• Sleeve - Both long sleeves  and short sleeves work for dads, but longer is the best

• Collar Design - Simple is better. Bright and patterned ties or other bold accessories can take away from the faces as it adds too much distraction and detail.

• Fabric Pattern - Stay away from complicated designs! Simpler is better!

• Adornment- Buttons and jewels often scratch baby’s delicate skin. But these are fine and encouraged for Family sessions!  Stay away from bright colours and textures.

• Texture & Flow- Some fabric textures photograph beautifully like lace, linen, and cotton. Shiny fabrics are distracting and reflect the light.

• Fit- A shirt that is too loose or too small often adds pounds in-camera.

• Graphics - Big logos and pictures are distracting from the subjects, especially if they are in drastically different colors than the base shirt.


Also keep in mind that skin flakiness, blemishes, and redness are all things I can take care of in post-processing. Babies are naturally more pink/red and I do my best to correct skin tones so it is not distracting to the overall image.

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