Choosing the clothes you will wear for your portrait session is extremely important because it defines the color scheme of the image.  I offer a small selection of gowns (Small-XL) and small girl dresses (up to size 5) in the studio for you to use. I don’t carry all kids sizes or men's clothing; however, so you should bring your own outfits as well.

Outfit Guidelines:


• Neutral tones tend to work best because they allow your skin tone and facial expressions to be the focus of the image. Neutral schemes don’t distract from your faces and are a timeless way to commemorate this moment. Remember that your clothing should be you and yet simple:

• Colours - coordinate with the people in your photos with what to wear - you don't have to look identical in the style but choosing coordinating colours tones is essential.  Eg. Warm tones: browns, soft rosy pinks, and creams go well together, likewise in the cooler tones coordinate with light and dark greys, whites and pale or muted blues. 


• Colour intensity:  If you want a darker image, make sure everyone wears dark colours, and the same goes with lighter tones! You don't want to be the one person that stands out like a sore thumb because you wore the red dress while everyone else went with white or green!  (Unless that is the esthetic you want)


• Strapless or ‘open shoulder’ is the most flattering on any female as skin looks amazing in photographs and offers an extra sense of intimacy and connection in portraits.  This is especially true in family images, partner photos, sisters or mother-daughter images where you have an intimate connection to the person.

• Men - Both long sleeves and short sleeves work for men, if it is a partner session, I will even encourage partners to go topless together to get that extra sensual skin to skin connection and intimacy.

• Accessories - Simple is better. Bright and patterned ties or other bold accessories can take away from the faces as it adds too much distraction and detail. Plain, monochromatic (single) colour ties or scarves are acceptable.

• Fabric Pattern - Stay away from complicated designs that look busy or have multiple colours in it! Simpler is better!

• Adornment - Jewelry is a personal choice, and if it is a part of who you are - wear it!  Stay away from bright colours and textures.

• Texture & Flow- Some fabric textures photograph beautifully like lace, silks, linen, and cotton.  Shiny fabrics can be distracting and reflect the light in strange patterns.  This is mostly true when it is an intimate family portrait you are going for.  However, if this is a glamour session with your sister, mother or bestie where you want to capture the sparkle, go for it!

• Fit - A shirt that is too loose or too small often adds pounds in-camera.  Choose form-fitting outfits, no matter your size. 

• Graphics - Big logos and pictures are distracting from the subjects, especially if they are in drastically different colors than the base shirt.

Some colours to avoid

- greens -  It can cast a sickly hue on your skin tone if you aren't careful! If your skin has a yellow undertone or is paler I would avoid it altogether.  Some greens can work, but I often err on the side of caution when it comes to green.

- corals & reds - if your skin has a red or pink undertone it can cast an even redder hue on your face making you appear more flushed than you are.

- yellows & oranges - if your skin has a yellow undertone it can make you look more jaundiced in the image.

*The best way to avoid colour casting is by choosing outfits that are neutral in tone: white, black, grey, beige, browns, soft pinks - any healthy skin tone colours are a good guide for choosing 'neutrality'*


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Professional portrait photographer based out of Campbell River, BC.  specializing in Boudoir, Glamour, Maternity, Newborn, Baby, and Fine Art studio portraits.

Award-winning imagery and internationally published in magazines like Edith, ELEGANT kids, Evon, Feroce, iMirage, Malvie, Creator, and TAOPAN.


Serving clients from all over northern Vancouver Island and beyond:  Campbell River, Comox Valley, Courtenay, Port Hardy, Sayward,  Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and other communities. 


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What Clients are saying:

Therena is a truly amazing photographer. She is really talented and knows how to capture all the special moments.  She has a gift to work with people and gets you feeling comfortable in front of the camera. She is a natural with little ones and gets them in the right position for the most adorable perfect poses. You can’t go wrong by choosing her as your photographer. You can be sure to get the best high-quality photos and products available after having a fun, relaxing photo session experience. We truly loved our photos; Therena captured exactly what we hoped for and more.
Therena is talented, creative, friendly and supremely professional. We highly recommend her.

Therena is a true professional! She is light and gracious and is not afraid to try anything you envision. She does her homework and pays great attention to creating something unique to each of her clients. It was so much fun to relax and play and let her direct me...I would highly recommend this wonderful lady for any photos you need...from glamour to boudoir to pregnancy and newborns. Indeed, she is on top of her game.

Therena is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the technical side of photography, but she also prides herself in providing an exceptional experience on set. She is an incredibly talented artist whose passion for what she does shows through in each picture. She’s constantly growing and improving and offers top quality products to her clients. I’d highly recommend Therena to anyone looking for a fun photoshoot and a beautiful collection of images.

Therena is amazing. I have always disliked having my picture taken and felt very awkward in front of the camera. Therena made me feel super-comfortable and also made me feel beautiful. I love my photos that she captured and definitely recommend the experience to everyone

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