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Every person is unique, not only in how we look, but in our wants and desires, and even more so in how we define what beauty means to us as an individual. We are taught, through the media, what beauty is supposed to be, how we are supposed to see it and feel towards it, and that we are supposed to conform to that narrow ideal of beauty.  Anything less is considered a failure or lack of self-control - of not wanting it enough or being enough.

I dare to challenge this ideal standard.  Yes, I do believe that all women are beautiful, and my gift is to capture this essence of beauty within my art.  In my personal pursuit of beauty, I have discovered that it means so many different things to me.  To me beauty is strong, powerful, confident, empowered, but it is also vulnerable, feminine, and soft.  It is curvy, muscular, lean, shapely, and very much personal.  

Beauty is the way we allow our inner light to shine into the world.  It is not a standard of perfection or an ideal to strive for as it already exists within us in our perfect brokenness.  Beauty cannot be 'obtained' or 'given' since it is already there.  However, confidence to allow this beauty to radiate forward from within you can be given.  And that is how I capture the essence of beauty in each and every woman who has ever stepped in front of my lens.

I have composed a series of galleries representing the main reasons people have come to me for their photos and how they define beauty. Simply click on the image that resonates with you the most, or take a journey through one of the links at the bottom of the page.  Welcome to my world of beauty.  May these images inspire you and speak to your soul.  

Beautiful Femininity
Courageous Divinity
Alluring sensuality
Elegant maternity
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