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Choose your Style

Everyone is different, and everyone will have different styles that appeal more to them.  My job is to create art that you will fall in love with and want to buy.  In this section I have composed several galleries of different image styles and aesthetics - a way to help us communicate what images you love most and want to try during your photo shoot.  While it would be impossible to replicate an image exactly, these galleries are cohesive looks of art I have created for clients in the past and can serve as a means to discover what appeals to you most within my art!

Below are the various groupings of my art aesthetic with a brief description under each gallery.  Use these galleries as an inspiration when choosing which outfits to bring along, or when choosing which outfits you will choose from my studio wardrobe and be sure to let me know which looks appeal the most to you! 


Classic Black

Dark and mysterious, classic, and timeless.  Wearing dark coloured clothing with the black background can add a sense of timeless mystery and elegance to your images.  It is flattering for all body types and all styles of sessions.  From boudoir to glamour to maternity - you can't go wrong with this setup.  The dark ambiance sculpts your figure and wraps you in shadows creating a moody image.  Another beautiful rendition of this look is when skin shows through clothing such as lace, or with strapless or short-sleeved outfits.