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Everyone is different, and everyone will have different styles that appeal more to them.  My job is to create art that you will fall in love with and want to buy.  In this section I have composed several galleries of different image styles and aesthetics - a way to help us communicate what images you love most and want to try during your photo shoot.  While it would be impossible to replicate an image exactly, these galleries are cohesive looks of art I have created for clients in the past and can serve as a means to discover what appeals to you most within my art!

Below are the various groupings of my art aesthetic with a brief description under each gallery.  Use these galleries as an inspiration when choosing which outfits to bring along, or when choosing which outfits you will choose from my studio wardrobe and be sure to let me know which looks appeal the most to you! 

Classic Black

Dark and mysterious, classic, and timeless.  Wearing dark coloured clothing with the black background can add a sense of timeless mystery and elegance to your images.  It is flattering for all body types and all styles of sessions.  From boudoir to glamour to maternity - you can't go wrong with this setup.  The dark ambiance sculpts your figure and wraps you in shadows creating a moody image.  Another beautiful rendition of this look is when skin shows through clothing such as lace, or with strapless or short-sleeved outfits. 

White on White

Light, modern and edgy with stark contrasts and a romantic feel.  From intimate portraits, to glamorous wedding gowns, from maternity to sensual boudoir.  These back-lit images on a white background creates a softness and feminine feel to your images.  Flattering on every body shape and colour - light wraps around you to sculpt you quite literally in beautiful light.  Lace, chiffon, and any sheer fabrics add a sense of artistry to the images as light filters through the clothing.  

Neutral Browns

Earthy, classic, vintage, painterly and timeless.  Warm neutral tones offer a timeless look that will stand the test of time as it hangs on your wall.  From painterly textures to modern glamour.  Golden accents, floral crowns, lacey wedding gowns, steampunk and so much more work with this earthy look.  Combined with gels or moody Rembrandt lighting for a warm feel this look is sure to capture a timeless portrait.  Whether you are doing a glamour, boudoir, maternity or fine art session - this earthy look works for everyone! 

Neutral Greys

The cooler neutral tones, from dark greys to light greys.  It has a soft romance, yet a dark drama to it.  Pastel, white and light colours work really well with this look, but so does blacks and darker neutral tones like muted blues and greys!  It's a beautiful colour to use with your wedding gown or white lacey lingerie.  Like to wear black? No problem! With a single background, I can bring the look from light and airy to dark and mysterious in post-processing. Just tell me what you like more!

Coloured Gels

Modern contemporary portraits with a vogue cinematic edge to it.  From fashion editorial to vintage and classical, the coloured gels add a creative component to the art without compromising timeless quality.  The possibilities are endless.  Together we can create a cinematic, Hollywood feel to your images.  Looking for a modern headshot that stands out in a sea of headshots?  Gel portraits are the answer.  Gels are my newest addition to the portraits that I offer - for art that stands out from the crowd, this is a must-try setup!

Story Fine Art

When you want to create an artistic image, but don't have the budget for high-end productions, then story fine art is your answer.  We draw from the various props that I have collected through the years to create a unique art piece that speaks to you.  From tea-stained book pages to golden tulle.  You will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find in my studio! Have a cosplay you have been itching to get photographed? Now is the time to create art with it!  Just because the budget isn't high, doesn't mean the quality of the art won't be!

Creative Makeup & Clay

You want to create art and you want to go all out.  With creative makeup as an add-on service, you can take your photo session to a whole new level!  Depending on how elaborate your vision is, this may be the one look you are going for, or if it's a more simple concept you can add on an hour plus fantasy makeup to the end of your photo session.  From gold foil and glitter to full body art - be sure to discuss any conceptual ideas with me before your photo session and we can make your dreams a reality.


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Professional photographer based out of Campbell River, BC.  specializing in Boudoir, Glamour, Maternity, Editorial, Commercial, and Fine Art studio portraits.

Award-winning imagery and internationally published in magazines like Edith, ELEGANT kids, Evon, Feroce, iMirage, Malvie, Creator, GMARO, Marika, Philocaly, Moevir, PUMP, Mob Journal, TAOPAN and more.


Serving clients from all over northern Vancouver Island and beyond:  Campbell River, Comox Valley, Courtenay, Port Hardy, Sayward,  Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and other communities. 


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