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Elegant Maternity - Portraits that Embrace Motherhood

One of the most beautiful experiences I have EVER had was the becoming of a mother.  Pregnancy for me was a life-altering experience, and while I often wished it would come to an end, I am forever grateful that I captured the moment with professional photography.  I have since come to realize, that while it feels like an eternity before you can hold your little baby, it is but a fleeting breath in the story we call our lives.  No matter how you are feeling during your pregnancy, I want to invite you to come and experience an Empowerment portrait session with me.  Whether you want a classic, elegant look or something more creative and artistic.  Maternity sessions are the best time to exist in photos for your yourself and your children.

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Like what you see?  Have any burning questions you would love for me to answer?  Want to know how I can capture your timeless maternity images?  Are you ready to experience your personalized celebrity make-over and photoshoot? 


Fill in the contact form to know more about how I can serve you and create beautiful images of you during this beautiful time of motherhood.

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