Wardrobe - What  to Wear


This page is still under construction - I am in the process of putting together a comprehensive catalog of the outfits I have in my studio for you to get an idea of what I carry.  In the meantime, about 90% of the outfits in my images are from my studio and includes sizes from XS to XXL! 

Even if something doesn't fit properly, don't worry, the camera can't see what goes on behind an outfit! I've been known to clips dress, leave zippers undone, sew them onto clients, and even construct dresses out of a piece of loose fabric on set! 

Here are a few key things to consider when bringing your own outfits:

Keep the design simple - and I don't mean something plain and all-black (though that is totally acceptable too) - I mean no busy patterns.  Try to stay monochromatic in your clothing - too many colours distract from the person wearing the clothes and your finished picture will draw you to the outfit instead of to yourself!  Avoid logos at all costs, unless you are marketing the outfit!

There are no hard and fast rules on which colours you have to wear -  though I highly recommend that you stay away from reds and corals if you have a pinkish undertone to your skin and yellows and greens if you have a yellow undertone to your skin as these will simply emphasize those tones and make you look flushed or ill.

Textures photograph beautifully, like lace, or pattens that reveal skin.  Speaking of skin, show it! Even if it is simply a touch of your shoulder or neck! Nothing is as flattering in a photograph as skin! No matter how expensive or elaborate the outfit!

Bring your own jewelry - while I help select the final outfits for the images, I leave jewelry styling up to you! Wear what makes you happy! I also carry a healthy dose of jewelry and props in the studio, just ask!